Monday, April 13, 2009

A Sad Day...

...because Harry Kalas, long-time broadcaster for the Phillies, passed away. I listened to Harry every night during the summer while we lived in Philadelphia. For me, he is Phillies baseball. What Jack Buck is to St. Louis, Harry the K was to Philly. 

There is another little story for me about Kalas: when our Sam was born, early in the morning on the last Sunday in October, it was a surprise. But my mother-in-law was able to get a flight to Philadelphia that went through Pittsburgh and came in a midnight that evening. The first person off that plane? Harry Kalas, who announced the NFL game in Pittsburgh for Westwood One, that day. I'll never forget that (or that my mother-in-law hurried out to help us with our 32 week preemie ;-)).

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Jason said...

A glorious voice, no doubt. And used in the service of the most superior sport.