Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Calvin in Connecticut

In a couple of weeks (April 17-19, 2009), Carl Trueman and I will be speaking at the Connecticut Valley Conference on Reformed Theology. As you'd expect in this anniversary year of Calvin's birth, the topic is Calvin. My topics are Calvin's Rhetoric of Piety; Calvin's Doctrine of Creation; Calvin on the Means of Grace. The talk on creation will also be my seminar at General Assembly this year.

The challenge in preparing these talks is trying to keep things around 60 minutes for each topic. For example, Calvin on piety: there are simply a huge number of articles and even books on Calvin's views of piety (two include one edited by Joel Beeke and one authored by Ford Battles [soon-to-be-reprinted by P&R]). I'm also planning on using PowerPoint, which is how I typically lecture, but which also make my talks more like classroom lectures than paper presentations. 

Still, I'm very excited to learn from Trueman and the other conference attendees, see friends in Connecticut, preach at The Presbyterian Church of Coventry, and even visit Red Sox country.

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