Thursday, April 16, 2009

Good thoughts on working together

John Piper has some good thoughts on working together which he shared with his pastoral staff; how important and necessary these things are for a healthy shared ministry:

1. Let’s avoid gossiping.

2. Let’s identify evidences of grace in each other and speak them to each other and about each other.

3. Let’s speak criticism directly to each other if we feel the need to speak to others about it.

4. Let’s look for, and assume, the best motive in the other’s viewpoint, especially when we disagree.

5. Think often of the magnificent things we hold in common.

6. Let’s be more amazed that we are forgiven than that we are right. And in that way, let’s shape our relationships by the gospel.

1 comment:

Richard in Albany said...


This is great advice for Sessions!
It has been my experience that often good men disagree on a Session but don't know how to communicate without hurting someone. I like #2 esp. This is something that you can share with your new Session. Number 5 is one that I thing we should all do often.
God bless Richard