Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Am I the only St. Louis Cardinals fan who is nervous about Kyle McClellan? His spring ERA is 9.60...something is wrong with him.


Richard in Albany said...

Don't worry. Many times guys will have a tough time in the spring and be ready for opening day. Serval years ago John Smoltz had the same problem. He did fine!
Go Braves! by the way!

Sean Michael Lucas said...

Yeah, except McClellan's August 08 era was around 8 and his September 08 era was 12.29. I'm worried that there is an impingment or something that is hindering a consistent break on his slider, which is his big out pitch...

the bravos should be pretty good; looking forward to seeing their AA talent in Jackson a few times this summer! sml

backwoodspresbyterian said...

Well this Pirate fan is now a big fan of the Cardinal bullpen in its entirety... ;)