Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Preaching the Gospel to Yourself

In preparing to preach on that topic this Sunday from Romans 8:31-39, I stumbled across this excellent article on the topic by Tim Keller. I also was reminded about something I had written on this. Isn't Google wonderful?


Richard in Albany said...

I just got back from the Gospel Man
conference and it was a great reminder to me of the power of speaking the gospel to yourself. I realize today more that any other time in my minstry that without the gospel everyday in my life I am completely powerless. I wish I would have learn this great truth early in my minstry and understood it's powwer to set me free. The conference had Nate Larkin and Scott Roley. They were a great help to me to look at my own walk in minstry. I pray my Church will benefit from the weekend through my preaching. I see yopu will be a speaker at the g-man conference in the Fall. I pray you are having a better Spring that the Braves!
Richard in albany

Sean Michael Lucas said...

Yeah, Richard, I agree--this is one of the most important practical things for us in the Christian life and especially in ministry. How often I am tempted to define myself by my performance, by the voices in my head, by a variety of other means instead of by the Gospel!

I'm looking forward to doing the G-man conference in the fall: Grace-centered leadership. Part of that is applying the Gospel to our hearts as we lead through vulnerability, risk, and suffering.

The Bravos beat the Cards last night--they'll be okay. They need to score more runs, but they can sure pitch it.