Thursday, October 19, 2006

Gnashing of Teeth

...Which is what I did last night, watching the Cards lose to the Mets, 4-2. From the 1st inning, when we failed to score with bases loaded, one out, in the top of the inning and then have the Reyes homer in the bottom of the inning, it felt like a bad night.

I hope that Soup can hold them down and we can get up early against Perez and bullpen (this has to be a bullpen game for the Mets; I can't imagine that Perez is going to be effect on 3-days rest, which he will be doing for one of the first times of his career. Plus, Perez has been pitching since March, when he was in the World Baseball Classic; he has to be about shot). Otherwise, this will be a very depressing night. And the continuing evidence of the Lucas curse...

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