Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Sorry that I've been too busy to write anything--October is always a ridiculous month for me, for some reason, and my life amped up in a big way a few weeks ago. That, coupled together with the Cardinals wonderful and crazy World Series run, has sapped most of my brain power.

Still, some tidbits:
  • I'm not reading anything scholarly or particularly religious right now. Befitting the Cardinals playoff appearance, I've been working my way through James Giglio's Musial and Richard Peterson's St. Louis Baseball Reader.
  • I'm continuing to preach through Daniel at Covenant Presbyterian Church. Last week was Daniel 9. I've really enjoyed doing this, because I think it has been the closest I've come to implementing (however unsuccessfully) some of the insights of Bryan Chapell's Christ-Centered Preaching. The focus of each chapter has been on some aspect of the character of God.
  • Along those lines, I think Daniel 9 is the climax of the book, because it represents the proper response of God's people to Daniel's prophecy--namely, repentance and confession. However, people will only confess to a God who will not crush them, but rather is a God of mercy, which is exactly how God is presented in that chapter (Daniel 9:9).
  • This Sunday, though, I'm taking a break from Daniel because it is Reformation Sunday. I'm planning on preaching Hebrews 12:18-29, "A Reformation of Worship." I'll be doing this same sermon at Covenant Seminary's chapel on Tuesday as well as later in April 2007 at a worship conference in the Kansas City area.
  • Through God's grace and the kindness of friends, I'm hoping to be at tonight's game with my son (and rainsuits). If Soup can do it again, we'll have three shots at finish off the Tigers and enjoying the first World Series parade since 1982.

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Mark said...

And don't forget a God of righteousness (v. 16)!