Friday, October 27, 2006

One more win... go for the first Cardinals' World Championship since 1982. And, if the rain stops, we'll be there tonight (our Game 4 tickets are to be used for tonight's game). I hope that we can finish it tonight because I don't want our team to go to Detroit to face Rogers and the snow (although the snow would enable everyone to see the, um, smudge in even greater contrast).


Anonymous said...

I think it's a birthmark.

jeffandtroy said...


What a STELLAR post-season, each of the 25 men and the whole coaching staff doing their part. Their first World Championship since I graduated from High School!

By the way, and I know this is a non sequitor, but the closest I can pinpoint the time of my conversion to Christ was that it took place sometime during the 1982 Series (well, sometime that Fall anyway); maybe it was the moment when Willie McGee climbed the centerfield wall to rob a Brewer of a homerun.

What was it like to actually be there? I was at the 7th game of the 1979 series, but as an Orioles fan, was heartbroken. So what was it like to be there?