Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Curse of Lucas

As I am still recovering from the Indianapolis Colts' demise and putting up with my Steeler friends, it struck me this morning a fresh that I really am to blame for the Colts loss. It wasn't Peyton Manning, Tony Dungy, or Mike Vanderjagt--it was me. Whenever I follow a team closely as my own, it brings a curse that is hard to shake.

These are the last times that teams I've followed won championships:
  • Baseball: Atlanta Braves, 1995 (I've subsequently switched to the St. Louis Cardinals, which explains that last two years)
  • Pro Football: Washington Redskins, 1991 (I switched to the Colts in 1999)
  • College Basketball: Indiana Hoosiers, 1987 (my heart was broken in 1983 when Pi Slamma Jamma lost to NC State, and switched the following year when IU beat UNC in the Sweet Sixteen)
  • College Football: Penn St. Nittany Lions, 1985 (although we got jobbed by Nebraska in 1995)
  • Pro Basketball: never (my teams have only made the finals three times my entire life--Houston in 1981 and 1986; Indiana in 2000. I stopped following the Rockets in time for them to win two championships in the early 1990s)
So, if you follow one of these teams, I deeply apologize--it is my fault. It is the "Curse of Lucas."


Josh said...

As a gamecock fan I can wholeheartedly relate.

Nathan said...

The Braves curse has nothing to do with me, who was rooting for the Braves when the stank and Dale Murphy was the best player in baseball.