Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Most "Influential" Christians

This list of the "top 50 most influential Christians" is interesting, less as a genuine guide for influence (many of these people are TV media types, hence explaining their influence) and more as a reflection of who is "Christian." For example, I didn't realize that some of these people would self-identify as "Christians"--especially, Dr. Phil and Sean Hannity.

Still, in terms of a simple ranking, how in the world is John Piper (#24) and Rob Bell (pastor, Mars Hill Church, outside of Grand Rapids, MI; #25) ranked ahead of Pope Benedict XVI (#44)? I would think that the 1 billion Roman Catholics worldwide would disagree! And even before he became pope, Ratzinger was hugely influential in the life of the Roman Catholic Church.

HT: Mark Horne

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Nathan said...

Like all such lists, this one is more confusing than it is helpful. It seems that "having a following" trumps doctrinal convictions (or perhaps even church attendance, in some cases). Sean Hannity is a Catholic. I have no idea of Phil McGraw professes Christ, but he has a cool accent.