Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bracket Busters, no. 2

I obviously didn't do too well. Of my eight (Louisville, West Virginia; UConn, Mizzou; Pitt, Duke; UNC, Syracuse), I only had five right; of my four, I only got two. The Louisville-MSU game was particularly frustrating; it was like the Notre Dame game when the Cards got blown out by 30. Once they started losing, they got bad body language and couldn't do anything right.

But give Izzo credit: afterward, he said the three keys were getting it to Sutton in the middle of the zone; not turning the ball over against the press; and bottling up Terrence Williams. And he was right--those three things killed the Cards.

On a separate matter, I hope Calipari goes to Kentucky; that will ensure that UK will never win another championship. He is this generation's Dean Smith--more talent, no titles.

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