Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spirit-inspired Preaching

From William Still, The Work of the Pastor, pp. 14-15:

There is, of course, only one Teacher, the Holy Spirit. And if the Holy Spirit is not in our hearts, in our life, and in all our teaching of the Word of God (and He will not be if our characters are not being molded according to the moral and spiritual pattern of the Word), then we had better not open our mouths. For there is nothing so boring, stale, flat, and unprofitable as holy things retailed in the absence of the Spirit. This is one of the devil's most cunning tricks, to cause the Word of God to be dispensed by lazy, sleepy, moribund creatures, who find preaching the most burdensome part of their work and cannot help showing it.

I have heard people praying, praying, and teaching, and have been so desolated and my heart has been so opposed to the whole depressing exercise, that I have almost wished the things they said were not true so that I could refute them. The whole soul of man, even ungodly man, cries out against the Word of God as a dead thing. Where the Spirit of God is, there may and will be unpleasant manifestations, but there will not be boredom. Division there will be, some for and some against--that is another story--buy there will be life, and the Word of God will cut and melt ice, even if it confirms the unmeltability of some ice, which is even hardened by the Word of God. Change the metaphor to steel and you will understand what I am trying to say.

Things will happen. The preaching of the Word of God, when it flows through a living vessel dedicated utterly to the Master's use, is not only an event in the lives of those who hear it but becomes, first a decisive act, and then, necessary food for their souls. My whole concern in my work of trying to make pastors (and I have "made" too few, although I have had many men through my hands) is that they become men of God; then, the pastoral work will look after itself. It will still have to be done. But the man of God is made for that.

The question is: are you on the way to becoming men of God?

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