Friday, April 25, 2008

Parker 51

This past week, while with friends at Westminster Seminary California, I discovered a minor-level cult--no, not what you might originally think (whatever that may be; fill in the blank). Rather, there are devotees of a particular pen made in the 1940s and 1950s: the Parker 51. My friend, Julius Kim, graciously has given me one and now I am part of the faithful: I've been surfing the internet, trying to find out more about the pen, looking for ink, studying the differences between vacumatic and aeromatic (check out the website; it tells you)--there is even a book about the Parker 51. With my obsessive personality, I will probably be on ebay trying to acquire a cool one like that one Julius has, one that only US Generals had during World War II. Be cool, join the faithful, like me and others; find and use a Parker 51.


R. Scott Clark said...

Hi Sean,

It was great to have you out here. Thanks for the terrific lectures.

Welcome to the cult. I've been a P51 user for about 15 years. I love 'em. Steve Baugh is our pen meister on campus. He's introducing the students to them and they're taking notes with them.



blund said...

Dr. Lucas,

Thanks again for all your labors out here at WSC. We so appreciated all that you brought for us. I especially wanted to thank you for the Tuesday night "Cruciform Friends" discussion, and for working with the PCA men.

Blessings on your work as you finish out the semester.

Brian Lund