Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bragging...with gratitude

Just a little bit of braggin'--the new ESV Study Bible will have contributions from six of our biblical studies faculty:
  • Jack Collins (Old Testament editor; Psalms; Song of Solomon; "Theology of the Old Testament"; "How the NT Quotes and Interprets the Old");
  • Jay Sklar (Leviticus);
  • Brian Aucker (Joel, Micah, Haggai);
  • Hans Bayer (Mark);
  • David Chapman (NT Archeology editor; Hebrews; "The Roman Empire and the Greco-Roman World"; "Archeology, Ancient History, and the Reliability of the NT"); and
  • Greg Perry ("Old Testament Charts and Timelines").
It also has contributions by emeritus professor Bob Vasholz (Hosea) and current adjunct professors Ken Harris (Exodus; Proverbs) and Dan Doriani ("How to Interpret the Bible"). All of this makes me grateful and blessed to work with men like these--who love God's Word, proclaim its inerrancy, study it and the culture of the day, and contribute to the growth of God's Kingdom and Christ's Church through this effort. I can't wait to see the finished version!

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