Monday, August 07, 2006

Why I don't like the NBA

I don't like the NBA because mediocre players, like Jared Jeffries, can sign 5-year, $30 million dollar contracts. How does a guy (an IU forward on our 2002 Final Four team) who averages 6 ppg/5 rpg deserve $6 mil a year? As a fan, I don't begrudge the money that superstars make, but this kind of thing is hard to swallow.

One other point on this--I'm not sure how this signing helps the Knicks at all. They are already overloaded at forward (David Lee, Quentin Richardson, Jalen Rose, Renaldo Balkman); exactly when is the new six million dollar man going to play?

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Anonymous said...

You make some good points and I agree with you about the compensation for players like Jefferies..

Rick from California