Thursday, August 17, 2006

More Sean Lucases

Actually, I found that last Sean Lucas in the Wikipedia by doing a Google search on my name. It is interesting to find all the different people who share your name. I guess for John Smith or Bob Jones, it is probably not very interesting. But Sean Lucas is a relatively unusual combination (at least, I've always thought so). Not only is there is a Sean Lucas who plays cornerback for a Canadian Football League team, but in the first two hundred hits, I also found:
  • Sean Lucas, first year student at Cambridge University in the arts program
  • A strange looking Sean Lucas, apparently a confused lad living in Dublin, Ireland
  • Sean Lucas, junior baseball player at Youngstown State University
  • Sean Lucas, medical doctor who specializes in obesity, breahtlessness and asthma (see page 3 of program; he is speaking at 2:50pm]
  • Sean Lucas, drummer for the rock group, Raze
  • Sean Lucas, director of sales and marketing for Parts for Scooters

This raises all sorts of questions about naming and identity that I may explore in a future post. For right now, it all seems creepy and eerily familiar, like a bad John Travolta movie.

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget me. I too am a Sean Lucas and my middle name is Michael! I also play baseball and have actually played baseball against the other Sean Lucas.