Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Highway Companion

Tom Petty's new solo album, Highway Companion, is excellent. Produced by Jeff Lynne (of Electric Light Orchestra fame), all of the songs relate life to a journey in which we search for grace and identity and in which we confront issues in our identity that continue to influence the present. One of Petty's better recent efforts.


Nathan Finn said...

I've always been a pretty big Petty fan, especially the old stuff. One of the, uhm, highlights of my lost teenage years was singing "Last Dance with Mary Jane" in a local bar to a room full of drunks. They loved it. And these drunks knew good singing when they heard it.

Patrick said...

Totally agree on Petty. Seger comes out with a new album soon as well. His first song from that album "Wait For Me" is available for download on iTunes. It's not his greatest song ever, but the music and sound of his voice take you back to early Seger, jr. high/high school. Back when these guys were not "classic" rock musicians. good days.