Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The ESV Marches On

Encouraging news about the English Standard Version and its growth and usefulness. This is the Bible that I use for my own daily worship and memorization and I prefer it for preaching and teaching.

It is important to remember that, unlike many other publishing houses, Crossway is a non-profit organization; by charter, they must plow their "profits" back into their organization. And so, the expanded use of the ESV doesn't make stockholders wealthy; rather, it supports this publishing organization in their publishing of important theological books that might not otherwise be published as well as countless evangelistic tracks (through the Good News division) that typically make little net profit.


Jordan Mark Siverd said...

This is truly outstanding news! Praise God!

It's interesting how the ESV has built some bridges between the LC-MS and PCA. I hope the trend spreads to orthodox Anglicans.

"Veni, Domine Jesu."

Jordan Mark Siverd
New Orleans, Louisiana

pilgrim said...

We've switched our pew Bibles to ESV, and even before that our pastor switched to it for his preaching. He was tired of retranslating and explaining the NIV. Now we still "let" people use other translations--even the NIV, and I've been known to show up with my old NASB, or even NKJV, but the ESV has really grown on me.

I find it useful, helpful and fiathful. In many ways it's like a more readable NASB (Although I don't have as big a complaint that awy as most people--in many ways it's more readable than the NIV.)

And it's good to know about the non-profit part of things as well.
Hopefully we'll never see an ESV "biblezine."

STEW said...

Our Pastor posted the link to the EVS News Release on his blog. He has been using ESV for personal use
for some time, and only the NIV while preaching. This month our PCA
church replaced the worn NIV pew Bibles with ESV and also in worship and preaching. I was given a $30 Barnes & Noble gift card for my birthday and bought the EVS Classic Thinline Edition. They only
had two EVS Bible for sale, but tons of other translations.

STEW said...

On my last comment this morning I transposed the ESV twice and didn't
catch the ESVs til now. The English Standard Version is excellent and I can remember when the RSV came out in the 1940s and certain passages were not to the liking of conservative Christians.
I used my 1948 Westminster Study Bible for years until the NIV came out in the 1970s.