Wednesday, June 06, 2007

On Being Presbyterian: Ordained Servant review

I'm so grateful for friends who generously engaged with things about which I write and think. D. G. Hart's review in the OPC's Ordained Servant online magazine thoughtfully raises appropriate questions and honors what On Being Presbyterian was trying to accomplish. His review also sets forward the place where we probably see the way in which Christian (general) and Presbyterian (specific) identity correlate a little differently, although probably not as differently as he suggests.


pilgrim said...

I've been a Presbyterian for about 10 years now in terms of church membership, but I was probably prebyterian, or at least leaning that way for a longer time.
While other Christian friends would prefer one writer, I'd prefer another. On an out of town trip for a conference during which we visited a Baptist Church & a PCA church they expressed more interest in the Baptist church if they lived there, while I expressed more in the PCA church. So my sympathies and beliefs certainly lened that way.

All this is to say that I really appreciated the book. My pastor gave it to me while I was in the hospital. A newer attendee at our church (who has since joined), found it amusing I would be reading the book. But I recommended it to him. I'd love to see such a book written by people in other denominations--including the OPC. It would be instructive reading and help us to better understand those who are our brothers & sisters.

I also reviewed in on my blog--which doesn't have a high readership, but the review was read, hopefully it encouraged somebody to read the book.

Thanks for writing it.

Anonymous said...

Last year one of our elders read this book and highly recommended it to the Session. Copies were purchased and all read the book and greatly appreciated it. Soon I began to use it in our officer training class for the benefit of those who do not come from a Presbyterian background. Then we taught it in our adult Christian Education class (with a great response). Thanks for a great book!

Dave Sarafolean
Christ Covenant Church PCA
Midland, Michigan