Thursday, June 21, 2007


This is too funny...As I tried to explain to Rodney Trotter via email, my parents were not yet married when Rob was born and so my grandmother forced my mom to give him up to adoption; his real name is Gareth.


Wayne said...

Hi Sean,

Hmmm not sure that you look like Rob Lowe however you do look like somebody I used to go to school with at BJU. If it wasn't for the Reform 21 Blog I wouldn't have known that you are such an integral part of the future of the denomination which I call home. Delighted to see a fellow alumnus making great strides to advance the Reformed Faith. God Bless You as you serve Him Faithfully!

Eugene Wayne Whitmer Jr
Member, Crossroads Fellowship PCA
Albuquerque, NM
1992 Graduate, BA in Bible.

Sean Michael Lucas said...

Sorry, Wayne, for not responding! Thanks for stopping by...I need to pull out my old yearbooks and see your face. Hope the Lord is blessing you in New Mexico! sml

Wayne said...

No Worries Sean! Thank You for responding! I'm not sure if we had any classes together or not. Unfortunately I've changed a lot since I graduated in ' In any event God Bless and hope to cross paths with you someday in the future.