Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Out of Pocket

I'm out of pocket right now--sitting here at my in-laws house in Connersville, Indiana. I should be back to my regularly scheduled blogging next week.

One word, though, on Kelvin Sampson's hiring at IU--actually more than one word. 1) Oklahoma's men's basketball team is under investigation for recruiting voliations; why would you hire someone who may end up to be Jim O'Brien?

2) Oklahoma plays an ugly brand of basketball. If IU fans were frustrated with Mike Davis' offense, wait till they see what Sampson brings.

3) Does Greenspan really believe that Sampson is going to be able to recruit the state? That if Kelvin were our coach that Greg Oden would have come to IU? That he is somehow better than Alford, Wittman, or Keith Smart?

4) How many Final Fours did Sampson take Oklahoma to? One. Who did they lose to? That's right, Indiana in 2002.

This, in my opinion, was a bad hire. Even Calipari would have been better because at least he would have brought good talent with him. Greenspan will not survive the negative fall-out when the program goes south. Another prediction (since I'm on a roll)--Davis will have a better 3-year record at UAB (if he is hired there as rumored) than Sampson will have at IU.

See you next week!


Tom said...

Sean, I fear you are right. Is it too late to pull a Harriet Myers-like do-over? Check out Blessings today. We should be focusing on the glories of the past not a foreboding future!

Adam said...

Sean, I agree that the hiring of Samson is real head scratcher. His Oklahoma teams have for the most part have been middle of the pack in the Big 12 and with the program under NCAA investigation, I just can’t fathom how ends up at IU? Perhaps as a guy who grew up in Indiana during the 70’s & early 80’s, the grid that I filter things through is distorted? I remember many winter nights spent with my mom and brothers standing around the kitchen in our home listening to IU b-ball on the radio. Back then IU hoops and the Indianapolis 500 functioned as a civil religion of sorts for us Hoosiers and unfortunately both have recently fallen on hard times.

I also agree with you in regard to Alford. Alford has run a reasonably successful, clean program at Iowa, which historically hasn’t been a top tier basketball school. Wouldn’t it have been much better for IU to give Alford a chance to see what he can do with a program that has the ability to attract top recruits? At a minimum with Steve Alford you would have a coach with rock solid personal integrity and Hoosier roots that run deep.

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