Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Next Indiana Coach

I can't believe that I am one of the few IU fans out there who desparately wants Steve Alford for our next coach.

I can't believe that the second best record in Iowa school history and Big Ten Tournament championship doesn't merit some sort of praise and interest.
I can't believe that I am one of the few IU fans who, when he hears Mark Few's name, thinks Dan Monson.
I can't believe that anyone thinks that John Calipari is a good coach.
I can't believe that Alford would coach Mizzou instead of IU.
I can't believe that Rick Greenspan will survive as AD if he picks a coach other than Alford who ends up being a failure.
I can't believe that, somewhere, Bob Knight isn't smiling...


Richard A. Bailey said...

I was a bit surprised when I heard ESPN's sources claim that Stevie was not on IU's super-short list. Do I think he's the best coach out there? Not really. He potentially could be and did a great job this year. Not certain he's the best coach out there, though. But I do think he might be the best option for IU because of who he is and who he very likely will become as a coach in the next ten years or so. I could live with Few, but like you I don't know why he wouldn't be a Monson. I'd much prefer Pitino over Calipari, if for no other reason because I don't want Don Chaney to un-retire and whoop up on our coach somewhere down the road.

The person I'd really like to see hired, though, is Majerus. I know his health issues will likely never let that happen, but I liked him at Utah and then as I drove home from Lexington the other night he was on ESPN radio. Once again I was impressed by the guy's understanding of the game and what it takes to win over long periods of time, including the type of players he'd look to recruit.

Who knows, though? I imagine we all will by the end of April, huh?

Chris Harper said...

From someone who grew up watching Alford and the Trojans whip up on the Red Devils at Regionals, I'd love to have him back home again.

It seems there is a group of people who want the home-town boy to come home. And there is a group who want the bigger name. We'll see who wins out.


Tom said...

A ray of hope for Alford fans. (I have said on many occasions I'd like him to be the coach.) Ths morning it was reported on ESPN radio that Alford would accept the gig if offered. Let's wait til after the Final Four for the announcement. I can't help but think that Sean MAy and Greg Oden could have been wooed to Bloomington had Alford been doing the recruiting.

Sean Lucas said...

Alford was the reason I began to follow IU basketball, back when I was 13. My heart had been broken in the 1983 championship game when my Phi Slamma Jamma, Houston Cougars, lost to NC State. Watching Alford and IU beat UNC in the 16 was the greatest moment of my basketball viewing life (tied for close 2nd was beating Duke in the 16 in 2002 and winning the 1987 championship).

I'm not sure I can follow IU if they hire someone other than Alford. Randy Wittman was a nice player and has nice ties to the state; but Alford is the hero.

In addition, as Tom points out, I think Alford can recruit this state. In fact, some of his better players at Iowa were Indiana products. In addition, he would have the instant respect of Indiana high school basketball coaches, who felt ignore during the Davis years.

Last thing, it is Alford's destiny to follow men whose last name is Davis...(sorry, just thought about that and thought I should add it!).

John C. Roberts said...

First, what makes you think Alford would REALLY leave the best school in the Big Ten? Second, word on Iowa's street is that IU has narrowed it to two and Alford's not on the list. I guess he stuck with the best job in the Big Ten.

Richard A. Bailey said...

Want to be hit out of the blue---Kelvin Sampson!!! Now, after the shock wears off I'll try to join you in evaluating the hire. Wow!