Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Lucaspotting, No. 1

I'll be out and about at a couple of places this spring and summer, aside from my regular teaching ministry at Covenant Theological Seminary and pulpit supply at Covenant Presbyterian Church:
  • May 2-3: I'll be giving a seminar on "Dealing with Yourself by Grace" at the Augusta Conference, hosted by First Presbyterian Church, Augusta, Georgia [they don't have information on their website yet; when they do, I'll make a link].
  • June 20-23: I'll be giving a seminar on "Making Disciples: Thinking Through Presbyterian Identity in our Postmodern World" at the 2006 PCA General Assembly in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • July 24-28: Donald Guthrie and I will be teaching at Ridge Haven in North Carolina for the Covenant Family Conference 2006.


Nathan said...

You need to come teach something closer to Wake Forest, though preferrably not on the covenant family. That type of language makes my people nervous!

Sean Lucas said...

Well, I think in July we'll be talking about Christian community and life together. I haven't wanted to tease you too bad in the light of your "announcement," but instruction on the "covenant" and "households" might be just the thing to bring you over to my side of the Reformation!

And whatever you do, don't read the last chapters from Dabney's Systematic Theology on the church and its sacraments! ;-)

Richard A. Bailey said...

Be careful, Sean, we don't want Nathan to have to rename his blog yet again.

Bobby's blog said...

Don't let Dr. Guthrie rub in the Steelers one for the thumb too badly...I'm sure he hasn't mentioned it at all this week.