Thursday, October 23, 2008

El Hombre, no. 2

[For El Hombre, no. 1, see here]

For Cardinals fans, the season was not a complete loss (after all, the Cubs lost in the first round of the playoffs). In addition, Albert is collecting postseason awards: Sporting News' Player of the Year and MLBPA's NL Outstanding Player. Surely he is set up to win his second NL MVP this season.

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Brandon said...

Would certainly seem like Albert should win the MVP - one of the most telling stats I saw comparing Albert and Ryan Howard was their BA. against certian pitchers.

Against, pitchers with a low ERA Albert hit close to .350 - imagine that. On the other hand Howard hit a very dissapointing .200 or something like that.

Howard cleaned up against poor hitting, which has been evident in his recent (up until the WS) playoff slump.