Saturday, April 29, 2006

El Hombre

We were at the St. Louis Cardnials game today, where Albert Puljos set the MLB mark for home runs in April with 14 (which also happened to be a game-winner, as the Cards beat the Nats, 2-1). When I moved to St. Louis, not having the opportunity to see Albert play every day, I frankly thought he was a little over-rated; my favorite players were the hard-working Scott Rolen and the star-crossed Ken Griffey, Jr.

But having the opportunity to watch or listen to the games nearly every day for two years now, I really do believe that we are getting a taste of what it was like to follow Stan Musial or Willie Mays, one of the truly special players of our generation. And though it is hard to know how sincere he truly is, the fact that Puljos has represented himself as a Christian, who walks to the plate with Christian music blaring and who thanked his faithful Lord and Savior, Jesus, today--all that makes him a truly special individual.

He truly is "El Hombre..."


Tom said...

I believe Pujols is the greatest player of my lifetime and I'm 47!

This from a Cubs fan

Mike Hess said...

From another die-hard Cubs fan...Pujols is good and is probably among the best in baseball right now. However, he hits in a line up with other hitters who make it difficult to pitch around him.

I just hope the Cubbies can hold on without D.Lee, Prior, Wood, and a struggling Ramirez.

Also, I enjoyed your piece on Barth. I'm still not sure to this day what his liberal tendencies were theologically but I appreciate you shedding some light on this subject.

Go Cubbies