Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Observations from the BMW Champsionship, no. 2

Some observations from being at the BMW Championship yesterday:

Cool: old skinny guys wearing slouch hats with logos from tournaments thirty years ago; players who are willing to sign autographs during practice rounds; people who know who Bubba Watson is (unlike the guy I was sitting next to on the second hole); BMW owners (they get to park very close to the entrance); tournament planners (the first thing you walk into past the entrance is the merchandise tent--cha-ching).

Drool: tee-shirts; untucked shirts (this is a golf tournanment; tuck your shirt in and wear a belt); people who don't know anything about golf (I think it should be a requirement for people to know the four most recent major winners to go to a golf tournament); people who press up against the lines while sitting on the fairway so that you can see the tee box.

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Michael and Mandy said...

US Open - Tiger Woods
The Open - Padraig Harrington
PGA Championship - Padraig Harrington

I am ashamed to say that Immelman slipped my mind (though I could give you the past five years or more). I wonder how your experience was during the tournament days.? I have to agree with you that American golf fans are shamefully ignorant about the sport. I certainly was before I lived in Ireland for a time. They really follow the game there.