Thursday, September 04, 2008

Keller and Edwards

If one needed more proof that Tim Keller has undeniable links with Jonathan Edwards, (try to) read his sermon notes here. Trying to discipher this reminded me of many hours trying to figure out JE's abbreviations and other preaching "symbols." (to put it kindly).


BB said...

You may want to change the spelling of discipher to decipher.

Agreed on Keller's notes . . . only he can make sense of it and I'm glad he does!

Denis Haack said...

Actually, I'm relieved to discover he uses notes. His delivery is always so smooth, and he so seldom looks down (at his notes) that I had assumed he either memorized his messages or spoke spontaneously. Makes his giftedness--very much a grace--more human, somehow.

DBerg said...

I'm not sure I would look down at those notes either.

Harvey Kirkpatrick said...

I must say I am stunned at the notes.
Did he ever code?
Maybe it just needs to be compiled, and it creates a book !