Thursday, December 14, 2006

Who is buried in Grant's, ur, Graham's Tomb?

This was a fascinating piece in the Washington Post on tensions within Billy Graham's family over the immediate issue of where the Grahams will be buried. But, under the axiom that the issue is never the issue, as you read the article more closely, you discover that what is really at stake is the direction of BGEA and, especially, Franklin Graham's leadership of that organization.

Because BGEA is a multi-million dollar evangelical institution, and because Anne Graham Lotz and Ned Graham both rely on BGEA for their own salaries and ministries, it is not too difficult to see this as a major case of sibling rivalry. The next step was Ned's (apparent) invitation to the press into what should be the private decisions of a family; unfortunately, though the article makes Franklin to look like simply a crass marketer, it doesn't really make anyone look particularly good.

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