Thursday, November 30, 2006

November Snow

As you may be aware, we are having a major snow/ice "event" in Missouri. A couple of things have happened with this storm that were a bit unusual:

1) In all my years in theological education, I can only remember one other time that an institution canceled classes; that was in 1996 when I was in Philadelphia and we got 31 inches of snow--we were out of school for a week. Today, the Seminary let out at noon with afternoon classes canceled; and if we get the expected 5-10 inches by tomorrow morning, we probably won't have classes tomorrow.

2) I can't remember the last time a place I lived got snow in November. I remember once going to Indiana over Thanksgiving and they had snow--it seems like that was around 1993 (all I can remember was we watched the Dallas-Miami game that day and Leon Lett made a play that resulted in Miami winning the game).

At least I was able to teach both sections of my class before we sent them home. I can stay home and sled tomorrow with a clear conscience!

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Jeff Downs said...

I can't remember the last time it was 65 + on the East Coast. It was this last week!

We have not had snow yet.