Thursday, November 09, 2006

Is the end near?

In the light of the news that my alma mater is now an accredited institution, I wonder. Of course, the accreditation is not from one of the so-called "big six" regional accreditation bodies (such as the North Central Association). But still, I remember (and probably still have somewhere) a pamphlet in which Dr. Bob Jones, Sr., said that the institution would never be accredited, because such would lead to doctrinal compromise and the end of the school.

I think even more, this signals the continuing loss of power of the big six regional accreditation bodies and the development of "grassroots" bodies that will seek to hold their own schools to standards. Whether this will be enough, in the light of the Spellings Commission's recent report (that has the regionals shaking in their books), to protect religious institutions who are not accredited by the regionals is yet to be seen.

Still, I do applaud my alma mater for doing this kind of work. Since I am leading my own school's self-study process, I know how valuable it is to engage in this type of examination, planning, and assessment. I simply hope that the accreditating body will be able to hold my alma mater and all its member schools accountable to the agreed upon standards for the good of their mission and ultimately for the good of Christ's Kingdom.

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