Friday, December 18, 2009

Who knew?

That Mississippi is the 6th happiest state in the United States? Of the top ten, it is interesting that six are in the South (Louisiana, Tennessee, Florida, Mississippi, South Carolina and Alabama). All we need is Georgia and Arkansas and you'd have the entire SEC in the list!


Mark Bates said...

I wonder if people are happier because they live in the South, or because, well, Southerners are generally happier people? Would a study of Southerners living in non-Southern areas show that they are happier than their neighbors? That is, would a Southerner living in Boston test as being happier than a New Englander living in Mississippi? Is it geography or heritage?
Hope all is well in Happy Hattiesburg.

Ted said...

It's probably the sweet tea.

Would love to catch up sometime--I think we last ran into each other in 2007.