Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"So how did you spend Halloween?"

"At church." "So what did you do?" "Burnt a few Bibles." Thankfully, the ESV wasn't lumped into the category of "perversions of God's Word" and "Satan's Bibles." Must have been an oversight??

Update: WLOS-TV out of Asheville interviewed the pastor of the Amazing Grace Baptist Church in Canton, NC, who is serving as host of the book burning.


localhist said...

I wonder if they are part of the group that wants to produce a Conservative Bible?

Eric said...

I was amused to see that both Bob Jones University and Westminster Theological Seminary made it into their Index of Heretics.

Sean Michael Lucas said...

Eric: I'm toast on both grounds since I have degrees from both places. Yikes.

Localhist: I think this group is a KJV-only group that would want to use the KJV to "correct" Greek texts that are not part of the Textus Receptus ms group.

localhist said...

You're right that they are a KJV only group. My earlier comment was meant only slightly in jest. I notice that they are having a chicken barbeque. Could they be using the fire from the bible burning to cook? I'm amazed and yet not amazed by this stunt. God will be their judge in this.