Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Matt Holliday's blog

The passionate Cardinals fan in me has been very careful during this recent spate of good play; I've been known to jinx my teams (are Calvinists allowed to believe in jinxes?) and very much want my Cards to get to the playoffs. Of course, if they play the Phillies with their four lefties, against whom the Cards bat .223, they won't be in the playoffs long. But as the 2006 team demonstrates, the key is getting there: from there, anything can happen.

I ran across Matt Holliday's blog--Matt is a pretty strong Christian, although he doesn't talk about his faith here. Anyway, thought I would link it for the Cardinals fans out there who didn't know about it. I think one of the great things is how many professing believers there are on the Cards; of course, it starts with El Hombre, but there are several others. It's a lot different from the teams from late 1970s with their rampant drug abuse.


Perry McCall said...

As a lifelong Cardinals fan...I affirm your concern about jinxes! Our doctrine might not allow it but our "hearts feel" the pain:)

Jeff Hutchinson said...

And now John Smolz, also a professing Christian, joins the mix. I didn't know Holliday was a believer. As if I needed another reason to be a big fan!

Geoffsnook said...

Great to hear about Holliday.

Yep, Calvinists aren't to believe in jinxes, but sometimes it is quite tempting, isn't it? My wife always calls me out whenever I think about jinxing!

Richard in Albany said...

Sean its like the Sunday you have a ton of visitors at church (being in a small church) and all your large families are away! Those are times I think are there jinxes or not! I know He is in control but how about sending some on a well attended Sunday.Just thinking out loud! Have a great Sunday!

Jeff Kerr said...

Going to a Cards-Cubs game next weekend. Figured that might make you a little jealous (smirk).

We miss you at Covenant.