Wednesday, July 01, 2009

We're number 1...

...and living large!


Schaeffer S. said...

Welcome to a place where everything tried

Is covered in gravy once it's deep fried,

Where we like our cobbler, our pies, and our sweets

And cook with 6 pounds of butter like Miss Paula Dean

It's soul food; it's south food - Oh that lovely cuisine!

That fills up our hearts and bursts at our seams.

Our exercise habits don’t promote “fit”

But where else can you find great sweet tea and grits?

Where BBQ’s ribs and fried poboys are grand

Our deserts are homemade –the best in the land.

We live in our kitchens, and I hope you’ll agree

Our pants may not fit, but we have fantastic cuisine.

Richard in Albany said...

I stil miss Doe's Eat Place in Greenville Miss. The home of the 3 to 4 pound steak! (they once had a 6 pounder). I went there 3 times during my time at RTS. Chip Jones was the one that introduced me to the place. The last time I went some of my friends from Jackson took me there for a graduation present! I ate a 31/2 pound t-bone with all the fixins. I was right for 3 days but it was wonderful! I couldn't and wouldn't do that todaybut I like to think about it. Is that sinning in my heart? Have a great 4th Sean eat BBq for me!