Wednesday, January 07, 2009


When I was a freshman at Liberty University, squeezed into a space about the size of my office here at Covenant Seminary with three other 18 year-olds, there was one thing that helped me maintain my sanity: cribbage. One of my roommates, Ambrose Lovely from Maine (great name), taught me how to play; throughout the fall and winter, we would stage all-day tournaments on Sautrdays (and cardplaying didn't get in the way of our studying, because we both pulled 4.0 that year).

I hadn't played cribbage much after my freshman year until the other day when I downloaded a cribbage app for my iPhone. After reteaching myself how to play, I've become a cribbage fanatic again (which will become apparent to my wife when a very nice cribbage board shows up at the house next week, with brass pegs instead of the stupid plastic ones that break in the pegs). I taught my oldest son how to play (as well as my daughter; she is very lucky with cards, which is to say she beat me) and we've been staging mini-tournaments on these cold, gray St. Louis evenings.


John "Penny" Pennylegion said...

Dr. Lucas,
I grew up playing Cribbage with my parents, but it's so long since I played I have no recollection of how to play. I do remember it's a pretty fun game.
What is the iPhone app? I might go get it.

Sean Michael Lucas said...


Jeff Kerr said...

I loooove cribbage! It was a mainstay of family visits to the cottage when I was growing up.