Tuesday, December 09, 2008

New Springsteen Cometh


Anonymous said...

(shrugs shoulders)
It's not the new Britney.


P.S. Dug your insights on history done in the prophetic mode. Ever read any of Mencken's writings on Nietzsche? Worth a recommend?

Jim H. said...

In 1978, I paid 7.50 for a ticket to see Springsteen at the Sam Houston Coliseum in Houston. To this day, nothing's come close to that rock n roll experience. To see him at his peak with that great band was to witness a great part of rock history.

Springsteen's idendtification with blue collar ethics has always been a big part of who he his and his message, yet I cringe when I see how radical his politics have become and how hostile he is to conservatives.

I have a hard time getting excited about his music, or supporting him, when I hear him label people like me as being uncaring, or worse.

How do you reconcile your passion for great music (also movies, books) when your worldview is completely at odds with the artist?

Jim H. said...

This is what I'm talking about...I just read that Springsteen was inspired to record this new album by his hatred of Bush:


Sean Michael Lucas said...

Hi, Jim H.: You raise some good questions about how Christians should engage popular culture; I'd like to post on that some time. Yet it is striking that your objections to Bruce are political, rather than biblical. And the link you provided doesn't say anything about his hatred of Bush. Likewise, the three songs that have been released off the album have very little to do with politics. Best, sml