Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Back in the saddle again

Well, I'm officially back at work. Actually, that happened on Monday, but today was the first day that I was able to get away to blog. Our vacation was wonderful--I got up Mt. Pisgah, went to Devil's Courthouse, had lunch on Sam Knob, and prayed Psalm 8 on John's Rock. We splashed in Courthouse Falls (and Hooker Falls; Triple Falls; and Bridal Veil Falls); played lots of Rook; and watched the sun set each night beyond Toxaway Mountain. It was a very good time away.

Also read a bit. I took all those books, but only finished four: Barbara Kingsolver's Poisonwood Bible; Eugene Peterson's Working the Angles; Garth Rosell's Surprising Work of God; and William Guthrie's The Christian's Great Interest. Now, it is time to crank up for the semester--this is retreat week when the Seminary President's Cabinet retreats on Monday and Tuesday; the faculty on Thursday; and we welcome the new students on Friday. We are also moving into our new Founders Hall (I'm sitting on the floor in my current office right now; my secretary thought it was so funny, she took a picture). Sometime I need to finish my syllabi (I'm teaching Ancient and Medieval Church History; Story of Christianity; and Jonathan Edwards).

It was good to be back home on Sunday, to worship at our church and to preach there in the evening. And it was good to sit at a meeting today with faculty and enjoy the brotherhood we have. Even though I miss the mountains, it is good to start a new semester and to appreciate God's calling to this place and task at this time.


yeliab said...

Well, I certainly hope the orientation you guys put on is, umm, as exciting as mine was here.

Best wishes on the syllabi. I work to finish my last one (tomorrow, I hope).

Anonymous said...

Your vacation sounds like it was deservedly refreshing for your family. So nice to see you are back. Do you need for me to bring a chair for your office next time we are in St. L.?

David Owen Filson said...

By the way, "anonymous" above is David Filson down in Nashville. I didn't put my name in the right spot.

Richard Smith said...

O to be in Carolina! I am glad you had a great break. I grew up in Rock Hill and spent many days at Ridge Haven. I hope you have a wonderful school year. This is Richard Smith in Albany Ga. We are waiting for Fae to blow us away or at least give us 8 inches of rain.

Heather Sparkman said...

Dr Lucas - I am truly curious of what you thought about Poisonwood Bible - general thoughts and reactions?