Thursday, August 23, 2007

Setting Up False Devils

Read this piece by Richard Mouw....

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Anonymous said...

This was good for me to read. As you may recall, i am now a pastor at an EPC church in Houston and there is a certain "mega-church" down the interstate and there are many in our congregation that refuse to call it a church and rightly so in my estimation of the teachings of the leader. but our congregation members regularly attach certain practices to the church and at the same time say they are not sure of the verity of the claims they are making about the church in question. All that to say, there is a couple my wife and i have become good friends with who have been visiting that "church" who are visiting our church on Sunday. I certainly think the ministry in question ought to be denounced yet I am worried about the things that might be said to this couple if the topic arises. Anyway, after reading this I hope that i am in ear shot if such an occasion presents itself. thanks for the post.
nathan c.