Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Back in the saddle

Sorry that I've not posted in two weeks. It has been a bit busy--presbytery, trip to Savannah and Augusta, Georgia (with some time on Tybee Island and our friend, Brannon Bowman and a wonderful tour of Independent Presbyterian Church from our new friend, Ron Parrish), board meeting, and a trip to Kansas City (enjoying time with a new friend, Jim Baxter). But the semester is winding down and so hopefully I'll be able to post more frequently in the days ahead.

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Brad said...

Dr. Lucas,

If I may suggest a topic, I'd love to get your take on the new controversy surrounding Archbishop Burke, Sheryl Crow, and the charity they WERE going to be partnering for. His stance and resignation from the leadership committee has sparked some interesting discussion on Tim Butler's blog.

Just a suggestion, especially in light of the discussion on the journey and MBC.