Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The upcoming game

As long-time readers of this blog realize, I'm a pretty big Indianapolis Colts fan. Actually, I am a pretty big Peyton Manning fan and get the rest of the Colts as a bonus. When Peyton threw the pick-six in the AFC Championship Game a few days ago, I was so frustrated with him that I took of my jersey, threw it in the closet, and played a game with my kids. But after our game was over, I went back down stairs and turned the game on again, found my jersey and hung it up again. I always come back...

But, like Peyton, I'm try to keep even-keeled about that upcoming game, the pretty big one with the Roman numerals after it. Trying to enjoy the journey more and hope, just hope, that they are able to beat those folks from up I-65. Even though the Colts are a big favorite (still a touchdown), I've groused in my heart all week since I got my Sports Illustrated in the mail--they put Peyton on the cover and you know what that means. The week Jeff Garcia was on the cover, Eagles lost; the week Drew Brees was on the cover, Saints lost; the week Peyton is on...

All Colts fans everywhere wonder, Why didn't they put Rex Grossman on the cover??

Anyway, I thought this ESPN piece on Peyton was excellent and I'm sure that there are other good things being written. But I'm not reading a lot of them; I've got my game face on, saying the Peyton mantra, "It's all about enjoying journey..." And hopefully, by 10pm on Sunday night, it will be a celebration for the second Lucas-cheered team to win the world championship in their sport.

The curse is over; long live the Colts!

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Tom said...

If I'm not mistaken, you are also a big IU fan. So how about dem Hoosiers defeating # 2 Wisconsin last night? Could be a very good week for sports fans in the state of Indiana!!