Tuesday, June 27, 2006

All for Jesus

Another thing that happened at General Assembly was the official release of my other book, which I co-edited with Robert Peterson: All for Jesus: A Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Covenant Theological Seminary (Christian Focus, 2006). Though copies have not yet arrived at Amazon, you can buy copies from the Covenant Seminary Bookstore.

One of the neat things about this book was its dual purpose. Not only was it an anniversary volume, but it also served as a festschrift for David Jones, Bob Vasholz, and David Calhoun. Each of these men have been associated with the Seminary for over 35 years and have shaped the insitution in profound ways. It seemed right to honor them in this way as they have honored us.

Among the essays in the book are:
  • Here We Stand: Rooted in Grace for Reformation and Transformation, Bryan Chapell
  • By His Grace, For His Glory: The Story of Covenant Theological Seminary, David B. Calhoun
  • The Necessity of Preaching Grace for Progress in Sanctification, Bryan Chapell
  • The Greatness of God’s Grace, Robert A. Peterson
  • “But Where Sin Abounded, Grace Did Much More Abound”: Lessons From the Book of Genesis, Robert I. Vasholz
  • The Great Commission as the Conclusion of Matthew’s Gospel, David W. Chapman
  • Christ-Centered Eschatology in Acts 3:12b–26, Hans F. Bayer
  • “What Is the Nature of True Religion?”: Religious Affections in its American Puritan Context, Sean Michael Lucas
  • Christ-Centered Worship and the Regulative Principle, Mark L. Dalbey
  • God Speaks as a Sage Sometimes: Moving Beyond the Merely Prophetic in Preaching, Zachary W. Eswine
  • Systematic Theology as a Biblical Discipline, Michael Williams
  • Christ-Centered Ethics, David Clyde Jones
  • Christ-Centered Educational Ministry: An Overview of Frameworks and Practices, Donald Guthrie
  • The Search for Truth in Psychology and Counseling, Richard Winter
  • Grace-Shaped Counseling, Daniel W. Zink
  • Christ-Centered Missions, J. Nelson Jennings
  • Pastoral Learning After Seminary, Robert W. Burns
  • Christianity and the Arts, Jerram Barrs
  • Grace-Centered Church Planting, Philip D. Douglass
  • What the Reader Wants and the Translator Can Give: 1 John as a Test Case, C. John Collins
  • The Lord is Against Me!: A Sermon on the Book of Ruth, Jay Sklar
  • To Know and Be Known: How Christ’s Love Moves Us Into Intimacy, Humility, and Risk: A Sermon on John 3:1–17, Greg Perry
I am so grateful to my colleagues for their collaboration on this book and I hope that it serves as a useful testimony to the Church of our glorious Lord, Jesus Christ!

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