Monday, May 29, 2006

On Being Presbyterian and

Right now, is listing On Being Presbyterian as "not yet released." They haven't received their copies yet; the publisher has been shipping (for example, Covenant Seminary bookstore got their 60 copies a couple of days ago). But if you are wanting copies for use in your church or other ministry, you can order them directly from P&R.


Brandon Withrow said...

Sean, FYI, "On Being Presbyterian" was showcased today in the June Enews for Westminster Bookstore. I can forward you the email if you'd like. I think it takes a day before the newsletter ends up in their archives.

Sean Lucas said...

Thanks, Brandon. I got that email as well. I was so pleased to see it highlighted; I am hopeful that even if P&R doesn't do much marketing, the word will get out! sml

BJ Mora said...

Sean, I just received your book from after a delay which they apologized for. I look forward to reading it!